About Us


1. Idea

We designed and created ProHashTags to help you promote and gain exposure for your content and your social media profiles.

Unlike certain businesses and celebrities with millions of followers on social media, you might not have a dedicated social media team who spends their entire time growing these accounts.

That’s why you need to be using the best trending hashtags to guarantee your account the exposure it deserves so you don’t waste your time.

2. Realization

ProHashTags began as a simple idea that it should be easier to ensure you are using the correct Hashtags for exposure and these shouldn’t be so hard to track down.

This started off as a personal project as we got sick of having to write out and source hashtags for every single post we created. Something clicked, there has to be an easier way to make this better for everyone.

We started testing our analysts Hashtags on our own accounts and before you know it we were reaching the top of trending.

3. The Power of Hashtags

Our main goal was to ensure that we created a user-friendly software that generated hashtags based on analytics and delivered results.

We wanted to make sure that no niche was left out. We also found that those with a smaller niche actually need to ensure they are using the correct hashtags so they can get noticed. We track these down regularly and update our lists automatically.

4. Updates and Upgrades

ProHashTags was created from a deep seated love of efficiency. We have always wanted to and know we can do things faster and more efficient for our clients.

This same drive is what keeps our website updated and user friendly. We will continue to roll out updates to our pages to make them load faster and be easier to navigate.

We will also strive to provide more services that makes your life on social media easier.

5. Success

ProHashTags began in 2019 when we saw a big hole in the market to make life more accessible for all levels of social media use. We are now one of the best providers of this service out there.

We work with celebrities, startups, brand names, and everyday people who want to grow their Instagram authentically.

We work hard to get you the best trending Hashtags possible so all you need to do is copy and paste and get the exposure you deserve.